Christine Longaker is author of Facing Death and Finding Hope: A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying, published in eight languages, and co-author of research on the "Effects of Spiritual Care Training for Palliative Care Professionals", published in The Journal of Palliative Medicine. Longaker has been giving professional trainings on the integration of mindfulness and compassion into medical care, psychology, and social services for almost forty years, for which she now has considerable international reputation. She’s a pioneer in hospice care, and spiritual care training and research, having co-founded one of the first home-care hospices in California in 1978, and the international Spiritual Care Program in 1993. Her work has inspired the creation of six hospice programs in Europe. In 2003, Christine co-authored an accredited nine-month combined residential and online training on "Contemplative End-of Life-Care" in association with Naropa University, USA. Known for her presence, depth, and clarity, Longaker is a dynamic and heart-felt speaker.

Christine has now turned her heart and mind to the questions of living. She is writing a book titled Self-Compassion: A Heroic Journey and developing trainings and an online course based on the book. They present a treasury of clear insights and practical know-how for understanding ingrained patterns of self-criticism and self-loathing. And, they are rich with guided meditations that support inner healing and self-forgiveness, and expand one’s capacity to live with more ease, connection, and joy.

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