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Chenrezig Empowerment

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We are very happy that Rinpoche also agreed to give the Chenrezig Empowerment as a part of course 8.3 The Four Dharmas of Gampopa. For those who are unable to attend the whole course, the empowerment can be booked separately here.

Chenrezig is the embodiment of the all-encompassing compassion of all the buddhas. In Sanskrit he is called Avalokiteshvara. With his loving eyes, he sees the suffering of all beings and alleviates this with the power of the six-syllable mantra OM MA NI PAD ME HUM. This not only functions as a kind of kaleidoscope of the universal effects of Chenrezig, but virtually the entire meaning of the buddhadharma is contained in it. For this reason it is one of the most widely practised mediations in Tibetan Buddhism.

This year Ringu Tulku Rinpoche will supplement his teachings on the Four Dharmas of Gampopa with a Chenzrezig Empowerment, since the cultivating of compassion is of key significance on the Mahayana path. The true Chenrezig practice consists of further developing the seed of unconditioned and boundless compassion that all sentient beings carry in them. Through meditation practices, the separation between the practitioner and the practice of compassion embodied by Chenrezig ultimately dissolves completely.

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In order to receive the empowerment, the recipients must have taken Buddhist refuge.

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