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The Siddha Singers

Songs of Realization

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The first Siddha Singers workshop was held in Kamalashila Institute in February 2012. Since then, singers from all over Germany have carried the songs of realization in their own hearts and have brought them to the hearts of others in the outside world as well, for example during the first visit of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa in 2014 and during the benefit concert for the earthquake victims in Nepal in 2015.

Singing yogic songs of realization (Sanskrit: dohas) is an essential form of dharma practice. The dharma master Karma Chagme has said: “We should sing these songs even if we sound like a howling dog.”

In addition to training the voice and the body, it is the mind in particular that is being trained in this workshop. For this reason, silent sitting-meditation and contemplation of the wise contents of the songs being sung are a central component of all Siddha Singers seminars. Through this, and by connecting to the special blessing that these dohas are infused with, the seed of realization is planted in the mindstreams of the singers. And in addition, it’s just a lot of good fun!

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Newcomers are always welcome, as are those who consider themselves to be shy!

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  • Yangchen and the Giant Love Babys (CD): »On a bloomin´Lotus Flower«

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