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Music for Peace

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The most powerful force for positive change in any society is harmonious teamwork. H.H. the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

Peace – both inner and outer – is a commodity that is needed more than ever in today’s world. And what form of harmonious teamwork could be more beautiful and direct than singing together – considering that singing is a form of art whose very essence is harmony. In times of global interdependencies, it is the responsibility of every culture, every religion, and every form of society to tap its own resources and make its own contributions to peace – for itself and in exchange with others. It is not surprising that the most beautiful and heartfelt prayers always have a musical form, be it the chants and ritual music of the Buddhist pujas, Christian songs for freedom, or forms of musical expression from other cultures.

Singing and reciting good aspirations together can lead to peace – ad pacem – for all participants, peace that transcends language barriers and the peculiarities of different world views. This workshop regards itself as an opportunity to practise peace together in the form of singing. It is meant for all those who wish to unite their love for music-making with the wish for peace and to practise this with others. Songs of peace from Western choral traditions, folk and pop music, mantra singing, and sound meditations allow for the building of musical bridges between the cultures and the gaining of knowledge about their musical traditions. Experience in choral singing is helpful but not absolutely necessary. All that is needed is a courageous voice and a willingness to participate in a variety of musical forms of expression. We do ask you, however, to state your previous singing experience when you register so that we can best prepare for the course.

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