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The Seven Points of Mind Training, Part 2 & Medicine Buddha Empowerment

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We are exceptionally pleased to welcome H.E. Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche this summer to Kamalashila Institute for the second time. As the twelfth incarnation of the Gharwang Tulkus, Rinpoche is the highest lineage holder of the Zurmang Kagyu tradition and is active worldwide as a teacher of Tibetan Buddhist meditation and philosophy.

The topic of Rinpoche’s course will be the second Part of the Seven-Point Mind Training. Being one of the central practices of Mahayana Buddhism, it was developed with the intention of supporting the generation of bodhicitta. Bodhicitta is the striving for enlightenment, the altruistic determination of attaining enlightenment not out of self-interest but for the benefit of all beings.

The Seven-Point Mind Training is known in Tibetan Buddhism as Lojong and provides instructions for training the mind. The mind training itself is attributable to Atisha, one of the greatest Indian masters of the 10th/11th centuries and the founder of the so-called Kadampa tradition in Tibet. Through Chekawa Yeshe Dorje (1102–1176), for whom this practice was particularly meaningful, the instructions became widely known and were summarized into seven points. His teachings were passed on over the centuries through all of the key lineages of Tibetan Buddhism and are still being practised today.

The instructions and recommendations of the mind training in seven points can help us develop a balanced practice and apply the precious teachings of the Buddha to our lives. The short slogans can be used in our daily lives once instructions on them have been received.

The empowerment regarding the Medicine Buddha given at the end offers a sound access to this practice and creates at the same time a very beneficial connection to this authentic and significent teacher, Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche.

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