Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V.

Kamalashila Institute for Buddhist Studies and Meditation is a part of and is simultaneously the main centre of the Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V., a German association that functions as the official representative of the Karma Kagyu lineage and of the activities of H.H. the Karmapa in Germany.

In the 1970s, prestigious teachers of the Karma Kagyu tradition, such as Kalu Rinpoche and the 16th Karmapa, began travelling to Europe and North America. In the wake of these visits, several Kagyu centres were also established in Germany, which necessitated the founding of an association for the organization and administration of these centres. The Karma Kagyü association was founded for this purpose in 1978 and was renamed the Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V. in 2001.

Goals of the Association

The association’s primary goal is the fostering of the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism in the Karma Kagyu tradition. Nevertheless, the association is also interested in supporting other Buddhist schools and traditions. Another of the association’s interests is the encouragement of inter-religious dialogues and open debates about the scientific, cultural, and social aspects of Buddhism. The Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V. is under the direction of H.H. the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje. More information about the Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V. and about becoming a sponsoring member is available here.

Website of the Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V.

Meditation centres of the Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V. in Germany

Meditation Centre Langenfeld/Eifel

Kamalashila Institute for Buddhist
Studies and Meditation
Kirchstr. 22a
56729 Langenfeld
T: +49 2655 939040
F: +49 2655 939041

Meditation Centre Windeck-Halscheid

Klausurzentrum Karma Thekchen
Yi Ong Ling
Auf dem Kuppen 7
51570 Windeck–Halscheid
T: +49 2292 7438
F: +49 2292 6327

Meditation Centre Hamburg

Theksum Tashi Chöling Hamburg
Harkortstieg 4
22765 Hamburg-Altona
T: +49 40 383238
F: +49 40 38612435

Meditation Centre Münster

Karma Sherab Ling Münster
c/o. Josef Kerklau
Verth 14a
48291 Telgte
T: +49 2504 65 06
F: +49 2504 65 06

Meditation Centre Heidelberg

Karma Chang Chub Chöphel Ling
Friedensstr. 20
69121 Heidelberg
T: +49 6221 410495
F: +49 6221 473285

Meditation Centre Bremen

Karma Thegchen Chöling Bremen
T: +49 421 837430

Meditation Centre Bretzenheim (Nahe) near Bad Kreuznach

Centre „Nahe-Buddhismus”
c/o Friedbert Lohner
Jahnstr. 7
55559 Bretzenheim (Nahe)
(near Bad Kreuznach)
T: +49 671 46601

Meditation Centre Munich

Karma Dhagpo Gyurme Ling (KDGL)
Günther Knoll
Thornerstr. 14
80993 München
T: +49 89 – 140 100 38



Studien- und Meditationszentrum
Carl-Orff-Str. 69
85591 München-Vaterstetten
T: +49 8106 302260

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