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Dzogchen Autum Retreat

Intrinsic purity and purity through purification.

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This autumn retreat we will use Padmasambhava’s words from chapter 9 of Simply Being and Nuden Dorje’s instructions from chapter 8 of Simply Being to find ourselves in primordial purity. This will be supported by doing Semdzin meditations.

To enter purity through purification we will do Dorje Sempa practice according to ‘Simply Being’ chapter 4 and the Narak Kangshag purification of hell practice.

There will be the usual movement practices daily and we will do Padmasambhava puja practice each evening.

Copies of the text in English will be handed out at the beginning of the retreat.

James Low’s deep insight into the dzogchen teachings, his winning presence, and his sound understanding of human psychology–seasoned with a good sense of humour–make him an exceptional teacher. James Low teaches in a clearly understandable English. It is recommend that you take part in the whole retreat.

Other information

Not included in the course fees is the dana for the teacher. On top of the course fees for Kamalashila Institute, the participants can make a donation (dana) to the teacher sometime during the retreat. Dana is given to express one’s gratitude for receiving the dharma. The giving of dana is a personal response, and the setting of a fixed amount would clash with this.

Our meetings should express generosity, the flow of giving: we all give our time and energy to come, we give our focused attention to the study and practice, we give our warmth and availability to create a harmonious atmosphere… So within that field of giving people can, as they are moved to do so, give some dana which people can put in an envelope to be offered at a certain point.   James Low

Please bring along an envelope for the dana.

Recommended arrival day: 5 October 2018 (please state this when registering)

Eva-Maria Küchler has been a student of James Low since 1993. In James’ spring and autumn retreats, Eva-Maria gives instructions on breathing and body practices. She works as a body-based psychotherapist and an MBSR teacher in her own practice in Cologne, Germany. Information on the retreat is available from Eva-Maria Küchler at +49 2245 4689,, or from Kamalashila Institute.

Partial attendance at the retreat is only possible with the consent of Eva-Maria Küchler!

This course will be held in English only and no interpretation will be provided!

Reading Material
  • James Low: »Simply Being«

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