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HYBRID: Losar – Tibetan New Year Festival

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We celebrate the beginning of Tibetan Wood Dragon 2151 traditionally with the mountain incense offering, a mandala offering (the offering of khataks) with tea and khabzey (Tibetan pastries) and finish the celebration with a shared lunch in the circle of the sangha and all interested people.


07.30 AM: White Tara Puja
08.30 AM: Breakfast together (prior registration required!)
10.00 AM: Smoke offering puja, hanging up of the new prayer flags
11.00 AM: Mandala offering
13.00 AM: Lunch together (prior registration required!)

All interested people are cordially invited!
For a vegetarian breakfast and lunch we charge 28,00 Euro per person and ask for early registration!

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Please register for the online event Weblink via the Kamalashila Online Campus.

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Bookings are no longer available for this event.

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