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Mahakala Practice Days

Five-Day Retreat – Protector Practice – Purification Day

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Mahakala, The Great Black One, is the protector of the Kagyuepas. He embodies the wrathful aspect of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of compassion. His main duties in relation to external and internal obstacles are taming and subduing. The annual Protector practice serves to purify the ending year of all obstacles and negativities, thus ensuring a positive start to the new year.

Programme schedule:

Monday, February 5th
05.00 PM Short Mahakala Puja

Tuesday, February 6th to Wednesday, 7th
07.30 AM Long Mahakala Puja
10.00 AM Long Mahakala Puja
03:00 PM Long Mahakala Puja
05:00 PM Long Mahakala Puja

Thursday, February 8th
07.30 AM Long Mahakala Puja
10.00 AM Long Mahakala Puja
02:00 PM Long Mahakala Puja and Gutor (Mahakala Torma offering)
07:00 PM Oracle soup (please register in advance!)

Friday, February 9th
Purification day: After the practice days we start the day with a Tara-Puja and according to tradition we purify the Lhakhang and the house together. The purification day will be followed by the Losar Celebration (Tibetan New Year) on Saturday, February 10th 2024. Losar registration here.

Other information

In keeping with the traditional practice of generosity (Sanskrit: dana) as one of the ten perfections (Sanskrit: Paramita), we ask for a donation of 80.00 euros (20.00 euros/day) with the purpose “Mahakala2024” as an expression of thanks for the teachings and a gift to support the Kamalashila Institute.

In addition, vegetarian full board and the fees for the overnight stay (see further down in the registration form) are required.

Important note for ordained persons:
Participation, accommodation and meals are free of charge.
However, we ask you to register in advance by Monday January 15th 2024 at the latest!

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