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Seven-part series on the wisdom book of the great Tibetan scholar Gampopa – Module 2

„The precious Garland for the Highest Path“

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Acharya Lama Sönam Rabgye will transmit and explain The Precious Garland for the Highest Path, the well-known work by Jetsün Gampopa (1079-1153), Milarepa’s “sunlike” main disciple. Inspired by this short, profound text, Lama Sonam will help us to deepen and refine our understanding of the teachings and our own practice. He will present each part in small talks as well as inspire contemplations, meditations, and sharing in the group.

In this little guidebook for spiritual practice, Master Gampopa summarizes the most important oral teachings of his teachers in the form of memorable mnemonic sentences. Both the basics of the Buddhist path are conveyed as well as how to reach the heart of liberation, the realization of the nature of mind.

This powerful guide to spiritual practice is a wonderful inspiration for daily life and practice. Master Gampopa gives concise mnemonics that are truly a garland of jewels. In a simple and clear way, they present nuggets of wisdom for reflection and contemplation.
It begins with tips and tricks on how to acquire good conditions for practice and the skills of contemplation that can lead to a clear mind and the transformation of our lives. This is followed by instructions for meditation that bring us ever closer to the nature of mind.

Gampopa helps us to avoid misunderstandings on the spiritual path and to find more and more clarity about how to refine our practice. He encourages an understanding of the specifics of a spiritual life. With few words and always fresh contemplations, he invites us to pause and reflect.

Throughout the text we are led to a deeper understanding of the practices and the spiritual path.Gampopa provides everything we need to grasp the treasures of these teachings and to remember them in order to recognize and avoid the pitfalls and dangers on the spiritual path.

Seven weekends are planned.
1 module in 2023:
The first module took place from 01.-03.12.2023. This can be listened to online via our Kamalashila Campus.

3 modules in 2024:
March 01-03
July 19-21
October 11-13

Additional modules in 2025:
To be announced

Book in German language only:

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