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The Treasure of Knowledge, Levels 1 - 8

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The basis of this course is The Treasury of Knowledge, a unique ten-volume encyclopaedia containing the teachings and meditation practices of all Tibetan Buddhist schools. It was written by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye (1813-1899). One of his aims was to restore the practice and application of the Dharma in daily life.

In this course, participants learn the basics of meditation of calm abiding (Shamatha), training in compassion and the methodology of deep insight (Vipashyana). This seven-year methodological approach leads to the teaching of Mahamudra in the eighth year.

Overview of the eight year levels of this silent course

– LEVEL 1: Shamatha 1 – The search for happiness in the mind
– LEVEL 2: Shamatha 2 – Bringing home one’s boss, the mind / Meditation on the Now
– LEVEL 3: Compassion Training 1 – Opening the heart to others
– LEVEL 4: Compassion Training 2 – Helping others / Healing yourself
– LEVEL 5: Vipashyana 1 – Enlightenment is ubiquitous in one’s own mind
– LEVEL 6: Vipashyana 2 – Stress as an antidote to stress
– LEVEL 7: Vipashyana 3 – Drawing strength from your own mind
– From LEVEL 8: Mahamudra meditation

The course starts again each year with Level 1. The levels are taught in parallel.

There will be silence throughout the retreat except during the teaching sessions. Smartphones and laptops should not be used or brought into the Institute during the retreat.

For more information on the individual levels and the relevant literature, please see: Kamalashila Programme

Other information

The accommodation at the Institute is fully booked for this course. A list of holiday apartments/rooms in the village and the surrounding area can be found here.

For gluten-, lactose-free and vegan food we charge an extra fee of 3 Euro per day, please select separately below. The extra amount will be settled on site at the Kamalashila Institute

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