Volunteer Work at Kamalashila Institute

Volunteer Work at Kamalashila Institute

If our sponsoring members are the heart and backbone of Kamalashila, then our voluntary workers are its arms and legs. It is only with their help that important projects can be realized and the day-to-day work at Kamalashila accomplished–from the administration of the courses right through to keeping up the garden. We are grateful to anyone who feels like helping out in the house or in the gardens. You can do this on a one-time basis, for example on a weekend, or you can take on specific tasks on a regular basis. Anyone who has the time and inclination to help out on a regular basis or during a longer stay in Kamalashila is most welcome to contact us. Volunteering allows you to consciously take part in designing the world you live in and to strengthen those areas that are especially important to your own life. The combination of meditating and working together in a group can be very inspiring and fulfilling as well. We’re also very grateful to all those who are willing to help us out in their areas of professional expertise.

Working and Living in the Centre as a Volunteer

Kamalashila Institute is a place where we practise continually. Our resident lamas, employees, guests, and our volunteers all take part. Some volunteers stay for longer periods of time to help us out on a gratuitous basis and live with us as members of our community while they are here. We currently have two volunteering models.

Guest volunteer – shorter stays of up to four weeks.

If you would like to work as a volunteer in Kamalashila Institute for a shorter period of time, you can do this as a guest volunteer. You must be psychologically and physically fit, willing to integrate yourself in the community, be a team player, and enjoy doing physical work. Guest volunteers live, work, and practise with us in Kamalashila for two to four weeks. They pay a reduced price for room and board of 10 euros per day of their stay. They must work between four to six hours a day and they have two days off a week. Volunteers may be able to attend courses or retreats free of charge, and of course can attend the daily meditation sessions. Our guest volunteers generally help us out with our day-to-day work, such as cooking and shopping, gardening, and preparing for the courses.

Long-term volunteers – Stays of three months or more

If you wish to stay for more than four weeks in Kamalashila, then you can apply as a long-term volunteer. The working areas are generally the areas of administration tasks concerning guests and courses, office work, driving duties, cooking, and shopping. Other areas are also possible depending on what is needed and your skills. The length of stay is from three to twelve months. Working hours are eight hours per day with two days off a week. Our long-term volunteers are expected to regularly take part in the daily meditation sessions of the house community. Volunteers may also be able to attend the weekend courses and retreats, but this will depend on the circumstances surrounding the particular course. Room and board are free of charge. No wages or pocket money can be paid for the work. If you are interested, then we very much look forward to your written application. It must include a letter explaining your motivation for volunteering at Kamalashila, your CV, and a photograph of you. Please send these to office@kamalashila.de.

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