Sponsoring Membership

Would you like to support Kamalashila Institute? One way of supporting Kamalashila Institute is by becoming a sponsoring member in the association Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V. Through your membership, you’ll be supporting both the association and Kamalashila’s activities. Members receive rebates on the course fees in Kamalashila Institute in Langenfeld and at other affiliated centres.

What does a sponsoring membership cost?

The minimum annual membership costs 132 euros. You may of course contribute more if your finances allow it and if you wish to provide additional support to the Karma Kagyu association. Membership fees are tax deductible. A later reduction of the contribution to the minimum fee is possible at all times. The membership is initially binding for one year and can be terminated after that at any time. However, any fees already paid cannot be reimbursed.

How to Become a Sponsoring Member

If you would like to become a sponsoring member, please print out and complete the form and send it by post to Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V., Kamalashila Institut, Kirchstraße 22a, 56729 Langenfeld/Eifel or by fax to +49 2655 9390-41. If you have any questions about a membership or about the association, please feel free to call us or send us an Email.

Membership Declaration as Sponsoring Member of the Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V.

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