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Kamalashila Institute is still facing great financial challenges.

With the beginning of Corona, we launched our first online courses. These are very well received and make Dharma accessible also to students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to take part in courses at Kamalashila!

With our current website, we are limited to what we can make available. We currently have wonderful video recordings as well as old audio recordings from precious teachers who have taught at Kamalashila in the past – but we have no way to make them accessible.

Therefore, we are planning a new online presence and a modern online campus, in which we can make live and video courses available to as many Dharma students as possible. This requires a completely revised IT system, a new website, a streaming service, user administration and much more. Here we would like to build a system that is solid, that is designed for long-term expansion and that will help to sustain Kamalashila Institute in the future.

The total amount for all work on the online campus, IT and website is 39,000 Euros.

Any donation helps to accomplish our goal!

Please consider contributing whatever amount is doable for you – it will go directly to bring Dharma online and make teachings available to students worldwide!

Thank you!

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Sponsoring Members: The Heart and Backbone of Kamalashila!

Our sponsoring members are the heart and backbone of Kamalashila Institute. They are what keep Kamalashila going each and every day. It is only through their solid and dependable financial support that we are able to maintain such an extensive programme and keep our centre alive. Sponsoring members receive a 20% discount on most course fees, and membership fees are tax deductible!

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