Standard Business Terms for Seminars and Retreats (as of 30 April 2015)

The following Standard Business Terms govern all events (courses, seminars, retreats) of Kamalashila Institute commencing 1 January 2009. They govern the relationship between Kamalashila Institute as the organizer and the attendee from the time of valid registration.

1. Terms of Payment:
The course fees stated in the published programme are due for payment at the time of registration and must be transferred (by bank transfer) by the attendee to the organizer. For courses taking place over more than one weekend, the attendee may be allowed to pay in instalments.

2. Rebates:
The organizer may, in an individual case, reduce the course fees for the group of persons named in the registration form. There is no right to a rebate. The amount of the rebate depends on the nature of the event. The organizer is entitled to restrict the number of rebates per event.

3. Cancelling a Registration:
For cancellations of a course by an attendee up to ten days prior to course begin, a fixed amount of 35 euros is charged. For cancellations within the last ten days prior to course begin, the full amount is due unless a substitute attendee is provided. Decisive for the time of cancellation is Kamalashila Institute’s receipt of the cancellation by phone, fax, e-mail, or post during its normal office hours. In the case of single events, the organizer is entitled to lower the price.

4. Programme Changes and Date Changes:
The organizer must notify the registered attendees by e-mail of any postponement or cancellation of an event and must publish this on its website ( The organizer reserves the right to modify a course description without prior notification of this to the extent it deems necessary for organizational or didactic reasons. The organizer must publish such modifications on its website ( or put up a notice at the place of the event.

5. Limitations of Liability:
Attending an event is done at the attendee’s own risk. Liability for material and pecuniary loss is limited to cases of intentional or grossly negligent acts on the part of the organizer, its legal representatives, or third parties engaged by it to perform its contractual obligations. In the case of personal injuries, the organizer is only liable for negligent/intentional breaches of obligations of its legal representatives or third parties engaged by it to perform its contractual obligations. Defects in conjunction with the implementation of an event and/or the occurrence of damage must be reported to the organizer at the location without undue delay. If this obligation is breached, the entitled party forfeits its claims to having the defect cured or to reimbursement of the entrance/course fees unless the defect is attributable to an intentional act of the organizer, its legal representatives, or those third parties engaged by it to perform its contractual obligations.

6. Effects of Contraventions:
In the event of a contravention of these Standard Terms of Business or a failure to follow instructions given by a staff member of Kamalashila Institute, Kamalashila Institute is entitled to deny the attendee access to the event or to refuse to allow this person from attending any further events.

7. Audio and Visual Recordings:
Recordings of any kind whatsoever may only be made with the consent of the organizer. All texts, audio/video recordings, and/or photographs provided to the attendee by the organizer are protected by copyright and are intended for personal use only. Such texts and/or recordings may neither be duplicated nor passed on to third parties.
Violations of this also entitle the organizer to exclude the attendee from the event without reimbursement of the course fees.

8. Data Processing and Use of Data:
The addresses and other data provided at the time of registration are electronically stored and processed. They may be used in association with the implementation of the event, including for additional information. If additional information about Kamalashila Institute is wished for, this data may be used accordingly. The same applies to the exchanging of data between the attendees of events. The organizer is entitled to provide the attendees of multi-day events, especially study courses, with lists of the attendees with their addresses unless an attendee objects to this.

9. Partial Invalidity:
The present or future invalidity of any of these provisions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Instead, the parties must collaborate to replace the invalid provision with a legally valid provision that is capable of achieving the purpose intended by the invalid provision. The same applies analogously to the filling of a contractual gap.

10. Applicable Law and Place of Judicial Jurisdiction:
All legal relationships and agreements between the attendee and the organizer are governed by German law. All supplementations to this agreement must be made in written form (Schriftform). No oral subsidiary agreements exist.

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