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Hybrid – Five-Day Amitabha-Retreat

Meditation, prayers and rituals for sick and deceased people

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Meditation on Amitabha, the Buddha of Boundless Light, can help us at the moment of death to enter his Pure Realm of Great Bliss (Tib.: dewachen, Skt.: sukhavati). According to tradition, Amitabha made a promise to grant a life of bliss to all beings who hear, think or speak his name with full confidence until they attain Nirvana. Pure land in this context is not a place, but is to be understood as a state of consciousness, an aspect of the enlightened mind.

We can also perform the Amitabha ritual for the deceased, even if their death occurred a long time ago. After an introduction to the practice and the topic of death and transition from a Buddhist perspective, the focus will be on the joint practice of the Amitabha Sadhana.

On Saturday the focus will be on the practice for the extension of the life span, while on Sunday the practice will be mainly for the deceased. The retreat will conclude with a special bardo puja for the recently deceased, which will include burning the written names of the deceased to help them transition into the Realm of Great Bliss (Tib.: dewachen).

These prayers and rituals may also include special remembrance of those who died in the Covid 19 pandemic.

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We can provide gluten/lactose free and vegan meals on request for an extra €3 per day. Please use the registration form below to notify us of your nutritional requests. The extra amount will be charged on-site during your registration.

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