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5-Day-Retreat Medicine-Buddha

Teaching, meditation practice and rituals for healing

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In this retreat on the Medicine‑Buddha practice, Acharya Lama Sönam Rabgye teaches a special form of meditation:
The Medicine‑Buddha, with a lapis lazuli blue appearance, embodies the healing quality of our own mind. This special practice can help us to attain not only physical but also mental health, all the way to complete awakening. At the same time, we develop the ability to support others in their inner healing processes.

In each session Acharya Lama Sönam Rabgye teaches single parts of the practice:
Visualisation of Medicine Buddha, creation and dissolution phases.
Mantra recitation and mudras.
Each day, there will be four sessions on teaching and meditation practice for healing.

In addition, detailed explanations of the intensive Sadhana-ritual practice will be given and participants will be taught a very special kind of meditation.

There will be opportunities for individual interviews with Lama Sönam.

Note: The course will be held in English with German translation.
The practice text is in Tibetan and German – the course is therefore only suitable to participants with sufficient German language skills.

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We can provide gluten/lactose free and vegan meals on request for an extra €3 per day. Please use the registration form below to notify us of your nutritional requests. The extra amount will be charged on-site during your registration.

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