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Five Day Mahamudra-Retreat

Viphashana 1 and Viphashana 2

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This five-day Mahamudra retreat with Acharya Lama Sönam Rabgye offers practitioners a wonderful opportunity to study and practice together the profound teachings of Mahamudra under the guidance of a trained lama of the lineage. Viphashana 1 and Viphashana 2 are taught in parallel.

This retreat is based on past Mahamudra retreats with Lama Sönam in May 2022 and March this year. Secondly, there are the following preconditions:
For Viphashana 1, the completed Shamatha 2 course or a completed Shamatha course with another teacher is a prerequisite.
For Viphashana 2, the Viphashana 1 course in March this year is a prerequisite.

The instructions and explanations are based on the work of Dhagpo Tashi Namgyal, Clarifying the Natural State, which summarises the most important instructions from his extensive work Moonbeams of Mahamudra. In the retreat, the focus is on both explanation of the instructions and practice. Both levels are taught separately, practice is partially together.

In addition to the teachings and practice, Lama Sönam will also offer Tibetan yoga (tib.: lüjong) and individual practice interviews.

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We can provide gluten/lactose free and vegan meals on request for an extra €3 per day. Please use the registration form below to notify us of your nutritional requests. The extra amount will be charged on-site during your registration.

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