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“All wisdom is contained in the human energy system”

Tibetan Energy Work (TE ®) is based on the ancient knowledge of Tibetan masters. In this method we work with the dimensions of the 24 inner lights. TE does not focus on the level of problems, but on the wisdom dimensions lying in our depth. All sentient beings have this source within them. In TE we make contact between this depth and our everyday consciousness. This brings a wonderful new lightness and vitality into life. This unique method supports each person in their own personal development. The TE helps evolve spiritual as well as individual potential.

Tibetan Energy Work is only to a very small extent a technique. The deep aspects come through the transmission. It takes a special inner attitude to fully embrace this method. TE is a low-threshold dzogchen practice.

In the Tibetan Energy Work we distinguish between 24 organs. Each of these can be addressed through points on the body. During a treatment the client lies on a mat and the therapist touches the relevant points. A merge of energetic systems is created. Stillness and connection facilitate a deep healing transformation.

Fee of the training / incl. 1st weekend 3.040 Euro
Fee of the initial weekend 380 Euro
Costs for accommodation are not included.
Reduced fees can be arranged.

Duration of training: 16 days

March 8 – 10, 2024 (basic weekend)
June 6 – 9, 2024 (4 days)
July 22 – 27, 2024 (summer week)
September 26 – 29, 2024 (4 days)

Time frame of the initial weekend
Start Friday at 6 pm
Closing Sunday at approx. 4.30 pm

At Kamalashila we offer a TE® training programme on a total of four dates. This first weekend serves to get to know each other and TE®. At the end of this weekend you can decide whether you want to continue the training. The other seminar days can only be booked in consultation with the instructor and can only be booked en bloc.

Language of the seminar will be English without translation.

More information – Link to flyer

Other information

Please only register in this order:

  1. enquiry for registration at: Michaela Bergmeier by e-mail:
  2. wait for feedback and confirmation of enrolment from the lecturer.

Only then:

  1. registration via the following web form for catering and accommodation at the Kamalashila Institute.

We thank you for your understanding and if you follow these formal steps to participate in this special retreat!

If you have any questions about the content, programme, physical restrictions or other details concerning the seminar, please also contact the seminar instructor directly.

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