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Karma Pakshi – Extraordinary Life und Teachings

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Charles Manson, a practitioner of the Karma Kagyu tradition who has completed two four-year retreats, will share teachings and meditation practices based on texts by Karma Pakshi. Charles is currently the librarian for the Tibetan collections at the Bodleian Library at Oxford University and the British Library in London.

Drawing on his profound experience both as a scholar and practitioner, Charles will give us a personal experience of the life and work of Karma Pakshi (1204 – 1283), the second Karmapa, in his accessible and inspiring style. We will get to know a lively mixture of selected texts on the miracles, visions, dreams and songs of Karma Pakshi.

This weekend is not only a wonderful opportunity to gain deeper insights into the teachings and meditation practices of Karma Pakshi, but also an inspiration for personal practice through listening and contemplation.

The course is suitable for students and practitioners who wish not only to hear and read the teachings of the enlightened masters, but also to test them in contemplative and meditative practice under Charles’ guidance. In such practice, when we apply what we have understood through listening and contemplation, that is, when we relate it to our own experience, we will gradually be able to transform our own view and experience of life.

Through the various meditation instructions given by Karma Pakshi himself, this weekend will give us the opportunity not only to hear the information and practices presented, but also to experience their power directly. In addition, such direct contact with the teachings of the second Karmapa for practitioners of the Karma Kagyu lineage can also deepen their own connection to the precious lineage of the Karmapas in a lively way.

Friday, 02.08.2024
07:00 pm                   Dinner
08:00 – 09:30 pm    Teaching

Saturday, 03.08.2024
08:00 am                     Breakfast
09:00 – 12:00 am       Teaching and Meditations
12:00  pm                     Lunch
13:15 – 17:45 pm         Teaching and Meditations
07:00 pm                     Dinner

Sunday, 04.08.2024
08:00 -09:00   am      Breakfast
09:00 am – 01:00 pm Teaching and Meditations
01:00 pm                       Lunch
02:00 – 03:45 pm        Teaching and conclusion

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